In the interest of "Keeping It Simple", I offer two Safety Program/IIPP Manuals for your consideration.  

‚Äč(IIPP stands for Injury & Illness Prevention Plan.  This title is required in California.)

$100-  I personalize your manual based on the information you provide by filling out my Customer Form.  Over the past 12 years I have prepared safety manuals/IIPPs for almost 4,000 customers in many industries.

Most of my customers are small general contractors or one of the many building trades sub-contractors, i.e.; plumbing, excavation, electrical, HVAC, painting, roofing,  and flooring installers. 

I also prepare safety manuals for industries like manufacturering, warehousing, machine shops, auto repair shops, trucking companies, oil field service companies, restaurants, janitorial services, business offices and medical offices. 

I will include a Free Fleet Safety Plan for DOT fleets and Non-DOT fleets with the purchase of your safety manual.  Just check the appropriate box on the Customer Form if you want a free Fleet Safety Plan.
$200 - A 100 plus pages safety manual/IIPP for a contractor subject to safety program audits by ISN, Avetta or BROWZ.  The manual includes all of the Safety Sections required by the Auditing Company.  

Working with Auditing Companies is very challenging.  If this manual does not get 100% approval on the first audit, I will invest whatever time and effort is required to make needed corrections at no extra cost to you.  I will need your UserName and Password to access the Audit Company website to identify the Safety Sections required and make any subsequent corrections needed. 

As an optional service for ISN customers, I will answer all the RAVS questions for each safety section and upload the manual in each section for a fee of $10 per RAVS section.

The total package for each product includes the manual PLUS 7 or more Safety Documentation Forms; PLUS instructions on how to implement your safety plan.

           Safety Made Simple, Inc.