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‚ÄčMy Mission:  To provide you with a personalized Safety Manual for a reasonable price followed up with excellent customer service!

NEW FOR 2018!  New policy on updates to your old safety manual purchased from Safety Made Simple. 

Individual RAVS Safety Sections for uploading to ISN. $15 
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Available Products:

A personalized & customized safety manual/IIPP for your company.   See Products page for description.  $100
A personalized & customized safety manual/IIPP for companies subject to safety manual auditing by ISNetworld, Avetta or BROWZ.  See Products page for Description.  $200


Manual Updates:  If you have already purchased a safety manual from Safety Made Simple, I will provide any requested update at no cost if purchased in the last 12 months.  There will be a flat rate charge of $25 for updates of manuals over one year old.  In most cases, a complete, new, compliant manual will be provided.  E-mail me with your company name and approximate date of your original safety manual.
My safety manual/IIPP is unique to each customer.  I personalize and customize each manual before I e-mail it to you, so you don't have to do anything except print or e-mail it to your customer. 

I stand behind my product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - I will refund your purchase price if you, or your customer, are not fully satisfied and I cannot make satisfactory changes.  

In the case of ISN, Avetta or BROWZ auditing, I will correct any and all deficiencies noted by their auditors at no additional cost.  There will be no refunds for ISN, Avetta or Browz compliant manuals.

Free Preview: Want to see a sample of what your Manual/IIPP will look like?  Simply complete and submit the Customer Form on this site.  I will e-mail you the Cover Page, the Table of Contents and the first 8 to 10 pages of your personalized and customized manual.  If you like it, you can purchase the complete Manual/IIPP on my secure website store and I will e-mail it to you the same day, usually within hours of your purchase.  This delivery method eliminates shipping and handling charges.

My contact Information:  My name is Jim Sathe.  I am the founder/owner of Safety Made Simple, Inc.  My Cell Number is: 303 638-9151 My E-Mail address is:  

I am available 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Mountain Time.  If you are curious about my qualifications, click here.

                  Personalized manuals.      Fast service.     Great value.